This page provides a range of tools which may be useful in conducting a societal impact assessment as part of a security research project.


The DESSI project provides a process and a decision support system to end users of security investments. The system gives insight into the pros and cons of specific security investments. It contributes to a transparent and participatory decision making that accounts for context and multi-dimensionality of society. It is useful for public authorities, developers of security solutions, commercial enterprises and for social organizations that can use the DESSI tool to make their own comprehensive assessment as an input to strategic discussions or public debate.


The Security Impact Assessment Measures (SIAM) project is an EU-funded research project that provides support to end-users in the assessment process of security measures and technologies (SMT). The overall objective is to create an assessment support system that takes the complexity of technologies, economic aspects, cultural differences and societal dimensions into account. SIAM works to help end-users to cope with the complexity of assessments by providing a a systematic approach of assessment guidelines and a comprehensive overview of all relevant aspects.