University of Stirling 2014

Masterclass in Societal Security

The Stirling Highland Hotel, Stirling, Scotland, UK
February 3-4, 2014

  • Are you a FP7 Project Coordinator?
  • Will you be submitting a research proposal for Horizon 2020?
  • Would you like to know how to incorporate a social impact assessment into your Horizon 2020 proposal?
  • Would you like to know more about the latest tools for assessing the social impacts of security research, technologies and practice?

If your answer to any of the questions above is ‘yes’, then you should participate in the ASSERT Masterclass in Societal Security!

Why you should participate in the ASSERT Masterclass

Assessing the social impact of research and practice is a compulsory element of Horizon 2020 research proposals. The ASSERT Masterclass in Societal Security is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to develop research which accommodate processes for assessing social impact. By participating in the Masterclass you will learn more about the latest tools and techniques for assessing social impact, as well as developing an appreciation of how to design and deliver Horizon 2020 proposals which demonstrate the capability to understand and
measure social implications and consequences.

If you are currently coordinating a Security FP7 project and/or plan to submit a security research proposal for Horizon 2020, then participating in the ASSERT Masterclass will give you a ‘head start’ in how to incorporate and design social impact assessments, and thereby satisfy the European Commission’s requirement to embed enhanced social awareness into the research process.

What is the ASSERT Masterclass?

The ASSERT Masterclass is a two day workshop which will provide a participatory learning environment to enhance the knowledge and skills associated with societal security and social impact assessment. The Masterclass will incorporate a range of learning methods, including: lectures, group work, case studies and social activities. Masterclass participants will be awarded a ‘certificate of participation’ on completion of the workshop.

The Masterclass Programme will cover:

  • key theories and concepts in societal security,
  • the latest tools and techniques for social impact assessment,
  • best practice case studies,
  • a shared learning environment,
  • guidance on how to conduct a social impact assessment, and
  • an opportunity to explore the SERIA online assessment tool for determining societal impact.

How to apply for the ASSERT Masterclass

If you would like to participate in the Masterclass please complete the form below and return it to Charles Leleux no later than Thursday, December 19, 2013. Places on the Masterclass are limited and we would encourage you to submit you application as soon as possible. Successful applicants will be advised about funding and travel arrangements on Monday 23rd December 2013.

The Masterclass: A Scottish Experience

The Masterclass will take place at the Stirling Highland Hotel, Stirling, Scotland – a spa hotel located in the historic ‘old town’ of Stirling. The Masterclass will incorporate a range of Scottish experiences, including a guided tour of Stirling Castle, a former residence of Scottish kings and queens.